Upgrade Revu

Already own a license? Easily upgrade to Revu 2017 to take advantage of all the new features.

License Information

Note: Check our online Compatibility page for system requirements.

Questions? Email upgrade@bluebeam.com or contact your local Authorized Bluebeam Reseller.

Perpetual Licenses

Customers with active Maintenance, an Enterprise License, or licenses purchased after February 01, 2017 are eligible for a free version upgrade.

How To Upgrade

1. Enter your serial number, product key and registered email in the License Information form.
2. If your license meets the upgrade criteria, confirm your upgrade and a new license will be sent to your registered email.

Open Licenses

Customers with an Open License will receive a new Revu 2017 product key by logging in to the Bluebeam Gateway.

All your Open License seats will remain under the same serial number. You can continue using your existing version of Revu or update to Revu 2017.